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    Perfect Wedding Athens Greece - Wedding Favors, Bombonieres

    We are expecting you at our showroom, where you can view a wide range of wedding favors and bombonieres standing out for their high quality, elegance, originality and affordable prices.

    If you would like unique wedding favors for your special day, we will be glad to deliver your own tailor-made wedding favors just the way you want them, created with ultimate love, care and imagination.

    Wedding favors only from €1
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We provide a unique selection of tulle (Greek tulle, organza, French-style tulle, burlap, etc.) and ribbons (single or double faced, gross, organza, etc.).

We use sugar dragees with almond and a range of flavors produced by HATZIYIANNAKIS dragee company.

View selected samples of the wedding favors and bombonieres we offer and start envisaging your own for the very special day of your wedding.

You can visit our showroom or contact us by phone at 210 2796547 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wedding Favors

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Wedding Invitations

In our showroom in Athens Greece, you will find a huge selection of wedding invitation cards, whether you are looking for classic, modern, handmade invitations, etc.

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Wedding Candles – Crowns

Handmade silver 925ο wedding wreaths with Swarovski crystals & pearls. Candles ornamented with tulle, lace, organza, burlap at very economical prices.

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